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Quantum Technologies for Future 6G Networks

15th June, 2.00PM CET | LIVE
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Learning Outcomes

  • Why do we need 6G?
  • Why do we need quantum communication networks?
  • Can quantum technologies enhance the capabilities of classical 5G and beyond networks?
  • If Yes, how quantum technologies can play a role and be integrated in the future 6G network architecture?

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo Bassoli

Head of the Quantum Communication Networks Research Group
Riccardo Bassoli is a Juniorprofessur (US Assistant Professor, UK Lecturer) at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks and Head of the Quantum Communication Networks (QCNets) research group, at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at Technische Universität Dresden.

He is member of the Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-loop (CeTI), Cluster of Excellence, Dresden. He is also member of the EU Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) and of the EU flagships for 6G Hexa-X and Hexa-X II. He is principal investigator in the 6G-life research hub of Germany. He got his Ph.D. from 5G Innovation Centre at University of Surrey (UK), in 2016. He was also a Marie Curie ESR at the Instituto de Telecomunicações (Portugal) and visiting researcher at Airbus Defence and Space (France).

Between 2016 and 2019, he was postdoctoral researcher at Università di Trento (Italy). He is IEEE and ComSoc member. He is also member of Glue Technologies for Space Systems Technical Panel of IEEE AESS. He is co-founder and member of the association “SIGN – Scienziati Italiani in Germania Network“.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Quantum Computing relevant to 6G?

Quantum computing could potentially revolutionize telecommunications, including the emerging field of 6G. It could enable ultra-fast data processing, highly secure quantum encryption for data transmission, and advanced AI algorithms, all of which are areas of interest in the development of 6G networks.

I'm already working in the telecom sector. Why should I learn about Quantum Computing now?

Quantum Computing represents the next big leap in computational capabilities, and it's poised to have significant impacts across many sectors, including telecommunications. By learning about Quantum Computing now, you'll be positioning yourself at the forefront of your field, ready to harness the potential of quantum technologies as they become more prevalent.

How technical is this Quantum Technologies in the Future 6G Networks course? Do I need a background in Quantum Physics?

This course is designed for professionals in the telecom sector, and while it will dive into the technical aspects of Quantum Computing, it does not require a background in Quantum Physics. We'll ensure that all complex concepts are broken down and explained in an accessible way.

What practical skills can I expect to gain from this Quantum Computing course?

Upon completion of this course, you'll understand the fundamental principles of Quantum Computing, its potential applications in telecommunications and 6G, and how to consider its implications in your work. Y

How will this course on Quantum Computing enhance my professional development?

This course will provide you with a deep understanding of an emerging technology that's set to transform the industry. By understanding Quantum Computing, you'll be better equipped to adapt to changes, contribute to innovative solutions, and advance in your career as the telecom sector evolves into the era of 6G and beyond.

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