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Deep Dive into the 6G Phenomenon

This meticulously curated course offers a blend of theory and practice, equipping you with pivotal 6G advancements in a succinct format.

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Understanding 6G: The Next Frontier

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The Odyssey of Channel Coding

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Heterogeneous Access: The Road Ahead

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Quantum Age: Crafting Fortified Communications

Your Expert

Introducing your mentor, Prof. Muriel Médard — the renowned NEC Professor of Software Science and Engineering at MIT. Spearheading the Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group, she's an innovator with over sixty patents, and co-founder of trailblazing firms like CodeOn and Steinwurf. With her at the helm, you're poised to gain unmatched 6G insights.
Featured teacher
"The key to 6G is security and meeting 6G security challenges can often come by transforming vulnerabilities with universal decoding."

Muriel Médard

Professor, MIT

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Praise from the Pinnacle of Tech

Prof. Médard's expertise is transformative and enlightening. This course is a beacon for every telecom aspirant.
Senior Manager, T-Mobile
With Prof. Médard, you're not just learning 6G; you're experiencing its future possibilities.
Wireless Engineer, Apple
Merging academic profundity with industry relevance, this course is a gem.
Principal Engineer, InterDigital
They had commercial experience as entrepreneurs working for big companies as well as small companies very directly in the telecommunications industry.
Roger Nichols
6G Program Manager, Keysight Technologies

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It's a synthesis of deep academic research and real-world applications, led by an MIT stalwart.

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Is there a refund policy?

Absolutely. If the course doesn't resonate within 7 days, we'll process a full refund.

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