A Primer on 5G

This course covers the Why? How? and Now What? of 5G in sufficient depth so that you are able to understand the amazing features of 5G and how it will transform your business.

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    Prof. Mischa Dohler
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    3 hours
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What is this course not about?

This course is technical, but it is not overly technical. That is, we won’t go into the last bit of detail when it comes to architectures, protocols, etc.

What is this course about?

This course covers the Why?, How? and Now What? of 5G in sufficient depth so that you are able to understand the amazing features of 5G and how it will transform your business.
The course will give you the necessary understanding of a complex but truly exciting ecosystem.

Learning Outcomes

  • develop a solid understanding of the 5G ecosystem
  • be aware of the 5G tech and standards roadmap
  • appreciation of the pros & cons of 5G tech
  • in-depth knowledge of 5G capabilities
  • able to identify exciting use cases for which 5G matters
  • have a good understanding of business models/thinking

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A Course Outline


Setting the Scene

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Technical Enablers
  • Standardisation


5G Technologies

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Technical Enablers
  • Standardisation


Exciting 5G Use-cases

  • Deployment Modes
  • 5G Applications
  • Some Early 5G Trials
  • Concluding Remarks

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Created by

Prof. Mischa Dohler

Mischa Dohler is now VP Emerging Technologies at Ericsson Inc. in Silicon Valley, working on cutting-edge topics of 6G, Metaverse, XR, Quantum and Blockchain. He serves on the Technical Advisory Committee of the FCC and on the Spectrum Advisory Board of Ofcom.

He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); and a Distinguished Member of Harvard Square Leaders Excellence. He is a serial entrepreneur with 5 companies; composer & pianist with 5 albums on Spotify/iTunes; and fluent in several languages. He has had ample coverage by national and international press and media, and is featured on Amazon Prime.

He is a frequent keynote, panel and tutorial speaker, and has received numerous awards. He has pioneered several research fields, contributed to numerous wireless broadband, IoT/M2M and cyber security standards, holds a dozen patents, organized and chaired numerous conferences, was the Editor-in-Chief of two journals, has more than 300 highly-cited publications, and authored several books. He is a Top-1% Cited Innovator across all science fields globally.

He was Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London and Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Research from 2013-2021, driving cross-disciplinary research and innovation in technology, sciences and arts. He is the Cofounder and former CTO of the IoT-pioneering company Worldsensing; cofounder and former CTO of the AI-driven satellite company SiriusInsight.AI, and cofounder of the sustainability company Movingbeans. He also worked as a Senior Researcher at Orange/France Telecom from 2005-2008.

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