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Excellent use of my time. Perfect split between technology and its business applications
Florian Hartmann, Director Service Providers, Cisco

Navigate Your Skills-First Career Path

Embark on a skills-first journey where our certified learning courses are strategically designed to propel your career in telecommunications. Our radar chart visually tracks your skill progression across key areas such as AI Integration, Cybersecurity, and emerging 6G technologies, highlighting a balanced growth in both technical and leadership capabilities.

This approach ensures you're not just prepared, but also poised for success in a skills-driven tech landscape. Harness the power of comprehensive education to lead and innovate.

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6G Certified: Core

Start your journey with our Core certification, building a solid foundation in essential 6G technologies and principles that are critical in today’s tech landscape.

6G Certified: Advanced 

Elevate your expertise with our Advanced certification, diving deeper into complex 6G concepts and applications to prepare you for leadership roles in telecommunications.

Live Q&A Workshops 

Engage directly with industry experts in our Live Q&A Workshops, gaining real-time insights and answers to your most pressing technical challenges.

200+ Hours of Insights

Access over 200 hours of comprehensive insights, featuring in-depth analysis and forward-thinking trends that keep you updated and well-informed.

6G Jobs Hired

Take your career forward with our exclusive job placement service, connecting you with top-tier opportunities in the 6G and tech industry.

Mentorship & Networking

Expand your professional network and receive guidance from seasoned mentors through our dedicated mentorship and networking opportunities.

100s of exclusive content

Dive into a vast library of exclusive content that covers innovative developments, case studies, and expert opinions unique to our Pro+ members.

30+ Templates & Frameworks

Enhance your efficiency with access to over 30 templates and frameworks, designed to streamline your workflow and improve project outcomes.

Member-only events

Join exclusive events that bring our community together for networking, learning, and collaboration, reserved only for our Pro+ members.

Why choose 6G Academy

Very Good Technical Coverage. Great job in covering all technical aspects of the 5G and beyond world and how the standardization is and will shape the future.

- Steven Licari, Principle Engineer Verizon Cloud Platform
The best 5G training course available nowadays! Great trainer, Great course, Great quality! 

— Nuridin Gadoliev, RF Expert, Tcell
Course was engaging, full of interaction which helped me to retain the key items from the various sections. I enjoyed it and learned a lot about 5G architecture and capabilities.

— Tim Bartkowiak, Network Construction Manager, CrownCastle
6G Academy's flexible, segmented learning structure, perfectly tailored for professionals, transformed my approach to online education. 

- Roger Nichols, 6G Program Manager, 
Keysight Technologies
Outstanding! Worth every dollar. Well structured foundation course on 5G. Many thanks!

— Adenay Ekubezgi, Head of Engineering Support & Global Account Manager, NEC Europe
Today’s session was incredibly informative and thoroughly engaging. The comprehensive materials and clear, detailed presentations have been invaluable as we tackle complex challenges in our field.

— Kevin Post, Partner at Ropes & Gray LLP
An excellent course that offers a comprehensive overview of 5G technology. It's the perfect blend of depth and breadth, essential for anyone involved in the field.

- Krishna Bandi, Advanced Connectivity Architect, Ford Motor Company
The presentation was fantastic, zooming into and out of subject detail exactly where needed, clear and motivating delivery.

- Denis Savostiyanov, Senior Manager, Cisco
Partnering with (now 6G Academy) gave Keysight a significant edge, thanks to their agile approach. Their rapid development, iterative feedback, and focus on impactful implementation were invaluable.

— Leslie Camino, Sr. Director, Executive, Senior & Next Generation Leadership Development, Culture, DEI, Keysight Technologies


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